Booby Cupcake Month Poster - NO DATE (1)

Booby Cupcake Month is back for 2022!

Hosting a Booby Cupcake coffee morning, afternoon tea or a cake sale will help us raise funds to continue to offer these services. So, start planning, start spreading the word, and start baking some sweet treats (or purchasing them, every effort counts), but above all, have fun!

Let’s get going!

Our Booby Cupcake Month has proven to be a fantastic event, but this year its Keeping Abreast’s 15th Year anniversary so we want to make sure its an even bigger success is only with your help! In this pack, you will find some helpful tips and useful materials to support your event and make it an even greater fundraiser.

So, get your Booby Cupcake Month Fundraising kit now, just email